My Own Army is an Alternative-Indie rock band from Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The band was formed in 2008 when Vincent Hekkert (then bass) and Herman de Kok (guitar and lead vocals) teamed up with Sven Spierings (drums) to form a three-piece band playing original music influenced by such rock bands as Stone Temple Pilots, the Mission, Soundgarden, etc. Soon thereafter, the band realised that a fourth member was needed to broaden their sound, resulting in bassist Dennis van Elswijk joining the band and Vincent switching to lead guitar.

In 2010 the band released its debut EP entitled Throw Away the Silence, recorded under the indie label Dying Giraffe Recordings. The album was released on CD and digitally on iTunes. The EP was supported by a rigorous touring schedule, mainly throughout the Netherlands, where the band gradually established a name for itself with fans, rock cafés and clubs.

In 2012 the band had to say goodbye to their bassist, Dennis, who left due to irreconcilable differences. The band quickly regrouped and found bassist Ferry Westdijk, who added a brand new sound to the band and brought in his own style of music writing. With Ferry in the formation, the band recorded Too Many Faces, a full length CD released in 2014 under RVPrecords. Too Many Faces is raw, atmospheric, and versatile with an industrial atmosphere that is skillfully captured in the band’s sound as well as the CD artwork. The band supported their release with a touring schedule, which also included performances in Belgium.

As 2016 rolled around, the band began to struggle with their musical identity, ushering in a year of sabbatical from performing live. This gave the band time to concentrated on their sound, the structure of their songs and, all in all, their musical identity and maturity. As a result, the band has written eight new songs in the last year, which they are currently performing live at various venues nationally and internationally.

Inspired by Oceansize, Soundgarden, Elbow and Tool, My Own Army is continually looking to surpass their boundaries both musically and lyrically. The band gives a strong and energetic live performance of approximately one hour, mixing a heavy rock sound carried by the bass and drums, with melodic and atmospheric vocals, backing vocals, and wailing lead guitar.